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Should we buy the new iPad Pro with M1 Chip? A quick look at Apple Event of April 20, 2021

April 20 is a big day for Apple fans, the fist Apple event of 2021, we all looking for some  amazing this spring. They announced 7 products but only 3 of them are refreshing to me: AirTag, iMac in seven colors, ipad pro 12.9 inch with mini-LED and M1 chip.

The colorful iMac is dazzling, the new iPad Pro is eye-catching, but in fact, they are not the real protagonist. As mentioned earlier, you may have already noticed it, that's right, the M1 chip!


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Even, to a certain extent, this Apple event is all about M1 chips. The spring Apple event is also known as "A briefing of product line expansions about M1 chips." Both the 24-inch iMac and the new iPad Pro equipped with the M1 chip. I don't think we need to talk about the so-called performance parameters -- in the past year, we have been surprised by the M1 chip again and again. Strong performance, low power consumption, great heat dissipation, and more compatibilities on the way.

Presumably, Apple should put A14 X on the iPad Pro. If you know chips well, you should know that the M1 chip and the A series chip have the same basic architecture principles. In fact, the M1 chip is essentially the evolution of the A series. At that time, Apple gave developers a new Big Sur which was replaced by A series chips. So it is logical for Apple to continue the past naming method. We also guessed that Apple may use the same M1 chip in order to distinguish, but it will lock the core or reduce the frequency. I didn't expect many suprises  from the apple event until "Mission Timpossible" , a mysterious spy sneaks into Apple Park in San Francisco. The figure breaks through glass, rappels down buildings and runs across the roof of the building until he reaches a dark lab. He removes the M1 chip from a computer, proceeding to return to his base where he inserts it into his own iPad. The video closes with the spy taking his wig and mask off to reveal Tim Cook’s face. 


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Needless to say the benefits of using the M1 chip are naturally the same as the previous iMac, with strong performance. However, the direct use of the M1 chip made the iPad truly separate from the nickname of "Large iPhone" in terms of software naming for the first time, but also in terms of hardware form. Now iPad Pro is "another form of Mac." already .

Or it can be said that there are two types of Macs on the market today. One is equipped with macOS and the other is equipped with iPadOS. The core concept of the former is the keyboard and mouse, and the core concept of the latter is the touch of Apple Pencil. This is telling you a signal kind of directly and undisguisedly that "the same chip as the Mac" and "macOS may really land on the iPad Pro." Like coexistence. Over the years, we have been chattering about the way the iPad Pro is approaching. Is it keyboard and mouse, or touch control. The answer given by Apple through the unification of hardware chips is: "You can have both."


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When you use your iPad Pro outside, it is iPadOS. When you back home, plug in the screen, it becomes macOS. And if you want, you can even switch between these two systems with one click.


iPadOS + macOS = The most powerful tool of productivity and creativity on earth.


This is not a daydream. To achieve this, it is just as simple as building a bridge between softwares. It's all about "Is Apple willing to do so or not?" From the hardware point of view, the iPad Pro is already ready for both the Apple Magic Keyboard & Sidecar functions. In addition, there are many obvious clues. For example, in the configuration of the iPad Pro 2021 you can point to 16GB of RAM and a 2T hard drive, which are almost the highest specifications of the current M1 chip. It is probably to prepare for the macOS. For another example, the interface is directly upgraded to USB 4, and it even directly shows a scene connected to Pro Display XDR.


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The M1 chip is like the"hand of God" in the smart industry over years. It almost makes Apple's three main product lines completely new and full of imagination. The operating system WWDC is less than two months away. We will have a answer soon whether these imaginations can become reality. I believe that the protagonist of WWDC still will be the M1 chip.


The Apple with Jobs was a sudden change, it seems to have the ability to always pull out those cool things out of a sudden.The apples of Cook's time was a slow variation, like a layout made step by step. If you just look at a certain point, most of the time you will feel it's ordinary. But suddenly one day you will find that these layouts are not only connected into lines, but also gathered and became network. WWDC started to promote the compatibility of applications between iPad and Mac in 2017, Apple completed an "ecological transformation" in 4 years if it could be counted as the first signal. We all have a lot of great visions, some people choose to sell them, while some people choose to achieve them.

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