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iSound FAQs

Q1: Why there is a film between the charging pins and earbuds? Should I remove it?

Yes. The film is used to prevent the battery from running out during the shipping process. Please remove that film and return the earbuds to the case. And then you can open the lid again and the earbuds will enter pairing mode.


Q2:  I already put my earbuds in the charging case, why they are still connected to my phone?

Please make sure to close the lid if you want to turn off the earbud or disconnect from your phone. The earbuds will only automatically turn off when they were put back to the charging case and the lid is closed.


Q3:  Will the earbuds turn off automatically after been put into the charger case?

Yes, it will. Put them into the charger box without turning off them manually. After taking out the earbuds, turn on them and they will pair automatically. Of course, you can single-use the left or the right.


Q4: Why only one of my earbuds is working? How should I reset the earbuds?

Please try to reset your device in two ways:

Soft reset: If your iSound TWS are not responding or connecting intermittently, place them in the charging case, close the lid for at least 5 seconds and plug the case into charge. This will turn the TWS off and perform a soft reset. Factory reset: If that does not resolve the issue, we recommend resetting the TWS to their original factory settings. Before starting this process please “FORGET” or “REMOVE” your Palovue iSound device from the Bluetooth menu on all your connected audio devices.

(*Note : Sometimes the earbud may turn off for insufficient battery, you should return it to the case to charge. It's better to charge the case when the LED indicator shows with 1 grid of the battery.)


Q5: How to solve any problems encountered during use?

PALOVUE iSound wireless earbuds have passed a strict quality inspection before delivery, if there is any quality problem, please contact-us and we’ll give you a satisfactory reply within 24H.


Q6: Do these earbuds have aptx?

Yes, they do. CD level sound quality, support 16bit,24bit,48KHz decoder, low loss.


Q7: Can I just use one earbud in a time instead of both of them?

Yes, you can. iSound wireless earbuds break the earbuds using independently and separately restriction, the right earbud can be taken and used at any time, and the single / twin mode can be switched flexibly. You can wear two earbuds to enjoy the wonderful world of music, or wear one earbud to pay attention to the surrounding environment.


Q8:How is the waterproof of this headset?

The waterproof standard has reached IPX5, sweatproof, and can be worn for sports. 


Q9: Can these be paired with an android cell phone?

Yes. It Support Android phones and iPhones.


Q10: Will the sound be delayed after connecting to Bluetooth?

Nearly no delay, iSound uses the latest Qualcomm CSR to provide a better transmission experience.


Q11:Will they work with iPad?

Yes.They work on either iPad or iPhone. As long as your device has Bluetooth, it can be connected with iSound.


Q12: How far from my phone I can be stay connected to the earpods?

The range is up to 32.8 feet.


Q13: Do both earbuds have a mic?

Yes, both earbuds have two microphones.


Q14:Any problem with intermittent lost of connection?

No intermittent connection. iSound uses an SMT ceramics antenna, with stable signal and less disconnection.


Q15: Can it be paired automatically?

Yes, it can! After the first pairing is successful, it will be automatically paired when used again.


Q16: Do i have to update the earbuds separately through the app instead of together?

Yes, they need to update separately. PALOVUE engineer team is working on a better solution so the users can update those earbuds together.



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