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iMic FAQs

Q1: Is this recording microphone suitable for recording the sound of a video?

Yes, iMic has a cardioid pickup head and a two-way pickup head, which captures the sound from the front and the sides to form an immersive stereo effect. Very suitable for recording the sound of a video.


Q2: Does it work with ipad mini?

Yes,   iMic's connector is a lightning connector, and it's MFi certified, can suit all iOS devices, so it certainly can work with your iPad mini with super compatibility.


Q3: I am a blogger, all the features of the lightning mic work normally? when I taking a video with it.

Yes. You can use PALOVUE free app or any other video apps that support external microphones, including the native iOS camera app, actually, this professional microphone can pick up all-around sound which makes this device is so suitable for your work.


Q4: Can I charge my phone while the iphone mic is attached?

Yes. iMci integrated 3.5mm headphone output for audio monitoring and playback for professional audio and video capture; There is a lightning connector on the left side of iMic for charging and a 3.5mm jack on the right side. Users can charge it while using it and they don’t have to worry about delaying anything because of the lack of electricity. 


Q5: Can I use this microphone to record the sound of a guitar?

iMic uses a 9.7mm diameter cardioid and two-way professional pickups: there are no flaws and distortions, it can pick up sound waves and convert them into better quality electronic signals, which is very suitable for recording the sound of musical instruments.


Q6: What is the purpose of the headphone monitor adaptor cable? How is it used?

When one records on an iPhone/iPad/iPod, the speakers are muted to prevent feedback. With the monitor adaptor, cable one can use headphones to directly hear what you are recording and adjust the mic pattern to suit your needs.


Q7: Is there an app for this recording device? 

Yes. iMic comes with excellent software called PALOVUE which can be used on all iOS devices. We can use this app to choose different modes and take advantage of the mic capacities. Moreover, there are two ways to download the app: directly search for PALOVUE on the app store to download, or scan the QR code on the manual to download, or directly seek support from the seller, we provide full customer service.


Q8: Does the iphone mic support ios 11 ? does it support iphone X?

Yes, any ios with a lightning connector. iMic is certified by Apple Mfi and will not damage your device. You can take this recording Mic to shoot anything you want to shoot and record, such as film recording, vlogs, travel videos or Online Podcasting, or others.


Q9: Will this mic work for instagram live? and is there anything i need to pay attention to when using this iphone microphone?

Yes. As soon as you plug it in all sound goes through the PALOVUE mic whatever you are using it with. And for your other question, here are Warm Tips:
1,iMic APP cannot directly control the start/end of the recording now, but it can only be set on the corresponding recording software on your iOS device. We are working on the independent recording feature without third-party Apps, by then you can just upgrade PALOVUE app to use it.
2, iMic also can be used without the iMic APP, but we strongly recommend that you download the APP to set up to achieve the most suitable and best audio effect for you.


Q10: I record guitar tutorial videos in landscape orientation, does this affect the stereo response?

No, there will be no impact at all, iMic is a flexible adjustment to the ideal position (Tilt, flip, and rotate the microphone up to 90°), the setting is very humane, and you can have and you can have multiple uses.


Q11: Is it sensitive enough to record Environmental sounds?

Yes, this product is very sensitive and picks up all surrounding sounds. And iMic is a low-distortion digital microphone with A2M and DSP dual chips that effectively help reduce noise, so as to help you record the most high-definition and original sound.


Q12: What mode does this podcast microphone have?

There are five selectable modes are provided to optimize the settings of gain, stereo width, equalization, and compression. Set the Microphone level and try various modes to find the most suitable sound. The preset mode may affect the strength of the input signal, so adjust the microphone level as needed after changing the preset.



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