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LinkFlow FAQs

Q1: Can I control the music from the streering wheel?

You can control the volume, but can not choose music or skip a song from another. If you want more functions please try our HiFi stereo Bluetooth receiver: LiveFlow


Q2:My car has Bluetooth for phones so will this be a problem? When i get in car and auto-connect to both will calls still work with my cars hands free?

If you go into your phone's Bluetooth settings you can set it up to make and receive calls over your car's Bluetooth and only play music over the dongle. After connecting to the LinkFlow, your devices will auto-connect with LinkFlow next time.


Q3: If my normal aux has static, will switching to this product make the sound better?

If the Aux port in your vehicle introduces static or noise from devices, you will probably require a ground loop isolator to help reduce it. Most vehicles suffer from poor power isolation so that noise is amplified when you add audio equipment on the same power circuit.


Q4: Does it works or does it hold charge without being connected to USB?

No, this needs to be connected to USB all the time.


Q5: Can I use an external microphone like on my Bluetooth headphones?

Yes. LinkFlow already has a built-in microphone, which can answer calls like your Bluetooth headphones.


Q6:Will this product automatically dual pair at power up or do I have to manual setup dual pair every time?

The LinkFlow would connect automatically to up to two devices that have been previously connected before. So no additional setup should be needed beyond the initial pairing.


Q7: Does it work with a BMW 116i 2014?

Yes, it works with BMW 116i 2014. LinkFlow can be used as long as you have 3.55mm aux and usb in your car.


Q8: Does this product support AAC codec?

Yes, our products support AAC on iPhone.


Q9: Can this unit be used for my ipad?

Yes, if your ipad have bluetooth function, then you can play music from your ipad to car stereo or home stereo.


Q10: How long does charge in battery last ?

 This product does not have a battery and it needs to be plugged into a power source.


Q11: Do I have to unplug this when I turn the car off ?

No, the LinkFlow would auto on/off when your car power on/off. It wouldn't waste any electric from your car when power off.


Q12: Can the unit work when there is very hot or cold?

Yeah, we know that sometimes the temperature in the car would be very hot or cold, so we test this Bluetooth car kit from -40--60, it can work normally.


Q13: I am told I sound very far away when using this mic. Any way to use the mic on my iPhone instead while using this for sound?

Based on the type of phone you have. If you have an iPhone with iOS 14.x, you can choose to use the device as a speaker only, in the sound settings of the app you are using.


Q14: How many Bluetooth devices will it remember? I don't expect it to connect to all 4 at once, but I need it to remember the pairing for 4 phones.

Our Bluetooth products will save the ID recognized during pairing and automatically establish a connection during subsequent actions based on the saved ID.

This LinkFow can store up to 8 IDs, and the 8 IDs are stored in sequence. When the number of pairs exceeds 8, the first ID will be erased.


Q15:Does this item resume last playing song after connection?

Yes, our Bluetooth receivers will resume the last playing song after connection.


Q16: Is it necessary to introduce a ground loop noise isolator with the unit, or is it even compatible?

No, it not necessary to introduce a ground loop noise isolator with the unit and it is compatible.



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