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Q1: If I use this to connect the speaker to play music, will there be a delay?

No. HOMi is deesigned with the latest Qualcomm CSR high-end Bluetooth V5.0 chip to ensure high fidelity and no delay.


Q2:How about the sound quality with this product?

The sound quality sounds exactly like Hi-Fi, the sound quality of the speaker will not be any affected after Bluetooth is connected.


Q3: Is Bluetooth stable? Will it be dropped?

So stable, and will not disconnect, and the range is relatively wide. 


Q4: What Qualcom chip is used?

HOMi uses Qualcomm QCC3008 chip to ensure high fidelity and no delay Bluetooth audio signal.


Q5:How does this unit get it's power? Internal battery or power adapter?

Power adapter, HOMi has no battery and needs to be charged.


Q6: Can the computer connect to this?

Yes, of course, computers, mobile phones, and tablets can all be connected.


Q7: Can I control this homi with my phone?

Sure, you can control HOMi via Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth adapter also can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time stably and powerfully.


Q8: Will this device automatically connect to the previously connected Bluetooth?

Yeah, this Bluetooth device will automatically connect to the last Bluetooth paired before.


Q9: Can it be connected to the car?

Yes, it can be connected to the car, and this product is small and concise, it will not take up much space in the car.


Q10: Will the product be large and take up space?

NO, this Bluetooth receiver is actually very small and looks good. It really matches the decoration style of my house.

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