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FAQs about earphones

PALOVUE is well known for its earphones series with lightning connectors and built-in microphones. To bring user experience to the next level please check out the FAQs below for more information.


Model: MorFlow, EarFlow & EarFlow Plus, SweetFlow, NeoFlow & NeoFlow Color


Q1: What is MFi Certified? How to verify?

MFi Program ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone. "Made for iPod," "Made for iPhone," and "Made for iPad" mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

Please click here to verify: https://mfi.apple.com/account/accessory-search
You can choose 'Model, Brand or UPC/EAN' to verify from Apple MFi online inquiring system, it will show you the Apple official certified informations you need.


Q 2: Do the headphones have a built-in mic for making or answering calls?

Yes, These headphones have a built-in mic, you can make or answer calls.


Q 3: Are these earbuds marked as left and right ear?

Yes, they are marked below earpieces but not conspicuous.


Q 4: Are they friendly to people who have small ears?

They are attached with 3 x Pairs of ergonomic eartip fittings (S, M, L), among them you will find the most fit ones.


Q 5: Can I wake up Siri with the controller?

Yes. Long press the main button of the controller to wake up Siri.


Q 6: Are they waterproof? Can I wear them for swimming?

No, these in-cord earphones are not waterproof, cannot be weared for swimming. You can wear them for daily sports, like jogging, riding a bike. They are sweat proof.


Q7: Is there any warranty?

Yes, we provide 30 days refund and 1 year replacement warranty.


Q8: Are these compatible with Samsung? Or only iphones?

We are sorry that our headphones are only compatible with devices with lightning connectors, so it's not compatible with Samsung, but compatible with iPhone/iPad.


Q9: Do the earbuds have to be charged or synced up with your iPhone?

The iPhone earbuds don't need to be charged or synced up with your iPhone. PLUG N PLAY & LOW POWER & APP-FREE


Q10: how long is the cable?

The cable is 33.5" from the lightning connector to the Y-split, and another 12.5" from the split to the ears. Total length is over 36" easily.


Q11: How do I get my microphone to work on Phone calls?

It will work automatically without any action.




Please contact tia@foneric.com or support@palovue.com

Emails will be replied within 48 hours even on holidays.