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LiveFlow FAQs

Q1: Will the sound quality really change significantly? How good has it become?

Yes, the sound quality after using this product is really very good. The advanced dual-chip design, CSR and DAC Chip,  has created such good sound quality. 


Q2: My car only has aux and no usb port. Do i need a usb in car to use this device?

Yes. If you have a cigarette lighter, you will need to purchase a charger to fit in there to power the device.


Q3: Will the device automatically connect to your phone once the car is turned on?

Yes, after the car is turned on, the LiveFlow Bluetooth 5.0 receiver will automatically connect to your phone.


Q4: How is this product installed?

The installation is really easy, you only need to plug the USB port and 3.5mm aux port into the device separately, and then connect it and you are ready to use. Rest assured, you will definitely use it. The operation is very simple and convenient.


Q5: Does the product really get hot during operation?

It is normal for the product to feel a little hot during operation because this product focuses on Hifi sound quality. Only in this way can the sound sound absolutely shocking. Please rest assured that the product has a built-in overheating and short-circuit power-off device, which can protect the safety of products and equipment. This will never cause any harm to you.


Q6: Do I need to charge to use this Bluetooth product?

No, not needed. You just need to plug it into the device and you can use it. Belongs to the plug and play type. very convenient! And the product will turn on or off following the start and stop of the car automatically.


Q7: Does it support calls?

Sure, the built-in microphone of this product is a built-in microphone with high sensitivity and noise reduction, which will give you a good voice call environment.


Q8: My car doesn’t have aux port, but it can receive music from usb and and bluetooth bluetooth, can i pair this device with my cars bluetooth?

If your car Already has Bluetooth then this device is not for you. It is meant to use the Aux input from your car and transmit the sound to your stereo when the device is paired to your phone. The USB port will only power the device, not transmit sound.


Q9: When using the product, will i encounter problems with connection or unsmooth calls?

No, Bluetooth 5.0 is Qualcomm's latest Bluetooth chip. The transmission speed is very fast, and the effective working distance is increased.


Q10:How do I know that I have successfully connected the product?

When you successfully connect to the product, the indicator will flash slowly and rhythmically. By the way, the indicator light is very high-grade blue.


Q11: What is the appearance of the product? Is there a big gap between the real thing and the picture?

I don't think there is any gap, the shell body is metal, and the wire is nylon. Not only the product itself is very advanced and exquisite. Even the packaging is perfect and creative.


Q12:Is there a user manual or installation guide that i can follow?

Yes. Please check this blog: How to connect palovue bluetooth products?


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