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How to make your old car hands free in under £50: LiveFlow

Everybody wants a smooth experience when you are out for a long drive or commuting within the city. Thanks to modern automotive technology driving has become more enjoyable and relatively easy. One of the most useful features that every modern-day car should have is Bluetooth. Bluetooth provides connectivity to the car and makes it hands free while answering a call or listening to your favorite beat.

Even though this feature is fairly common in all new cars, Bluetooth was not a thing in cars that are manufactured a decade back. Although some cars have strong presence and awesome looks, they lack sophisticated present-day technology. Whether you drive an old car or you are a huge fan of classic cars, we are here to provide a key piece in-vehicle technology in under 50 pounds. Yeah, you heard that right. A complete Bluetooth hands free and best car stereo experience in an affordable price. Stop depending on unreliable radio station and choose what you want to listen in a HiFi sound quality. 


LiveFlow is the ultimate device you need for your car to make it hands-free. Built with Qualcomm CSR and DAC, LiveFlow combines the best of both worlds in performance and power consumption, and it’s focused on delivering the most authentic sound. Just with the help of a smartphone you can make your car smart. LiveFlow acts as a Bluetooth Aux Adapter and enables the best car stereo experience. 

Few of the best features of LiveFlow include:

  • Qualcomm CSR & Bluetooth 5.0: With low latency technology for steaming music and hands-free calling, give you a more reliable connection. Meaning you get clearer audio, faster pairing, and no signal interruptions.
  • Qualcomm CSR & DAC Chip: With DAC chips for the real high-end HiFi sound quality and intelligent noise reduction function, support AAC, SBC, Apt-X. Combined with Qualcomm CSR, provide really HiFi music with strong bass.
  • Smart Pairing & Automatic Induction: Switch on/off automatically when you start/stall your engine or turn on/off your speaker, reducing power loss and protecting the car and products; Connect as soon as Bluetooth is switched on and auto-connects to the last device used, no need to connect repeatedly and plug and play
  • Safe Using & Exquisite Design: Built-in overheating and short circuit cut-off device can absolutely protect the product and your equipment from any damage.
  • Super Compatibility & High-performance: Connect with LiveFlow as long as the mobile device has Bluetooth capability, help enjoy high-fidelity stereo music and clear speech wirelessly in your car/home, and control easily; Compatible with all the car widely and can be paired with two phones at the same time.



How to add Bluetooth to your old car using Palovue’s LiveFlow:

Although LiveFlow is a sophisticated device, it’s very easy to use. You can get LiveFlow working in 3 simple steps:

1. Plug the USB from LiveFlow to your car’s USB port (cigarette lighter)
2. Plug the 3.5m audio jack from LiveFlow to the AUX interface and turn on AUX mode
3. Connect Palovue’s LiveFlow to your phone via Bluetooth

Congrats !!! you are done and now can enjoy the hands-free experience in your car.


Hands free driving is not a luxury anymore it’s a necessity. A study shows that using phone with your hand while driving accounts to more than 30% of road accidents. Many Governments around the world has made it mandatory to have a hands-free system in car. Palovue’s LiveFlow not only provides safety, but it also enhances your musical experience while driving. When it comes Bluetooth stereo for your car, LiveFlow provides the best HiFi sound quality which make it the market leader in the domain.


To know more about Palovue’s LiveFlow:

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