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How to use the controller of PALOVUE lightning earphones?

You may heard about classic PALOVUE earphones with mic and lightning connector, more diversified latest designs but also reliable as EarPods because all those earphones are MFi certified. To make it more easier to use the conrtoller, here are some tips may help you. Please check the content below.


What buttons this MEMS controller has?

Here are two designs. The rounded  "main button" , " increase volume" , "decrease volume" buttons 

             PALOVUE remote controller                             PALOVUE remote controller


What's the function of those buttons?

Tap once to answer/end a call, hold 2s then release to reject a call.

Short press the main button to play, pause, or skip tracks.


Rewind musics?

Tap twice rapidly then hold on, by the way, tap once then hold on to fast-forward.

Wake up Siri?

Long Press the main button or use the microphone to recognize your speech to turn on Siri.

Pause video?

Press the mian button to pause or paly avideo.


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