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iMic, Capture Better Sounds

Nowadays smartphones are undoubtedly very powerful, they can do a lot of work for us, and their potential seems limitless. Many people may have overlooked the importance of the microphone, and even the top-class smartphones, such as the iPhone, are only equipped with microphones just for daily use, far from being excellent.


Fortunately, there are a large number of external microphones for us to choose from the market, and many microphones are equipped with a lightning port. In other words, they have become the exclusive microphones of the iPhone. Now, let us take a look at the iMic presented by PALOVUE, a recording microphone of the best choices, which can be adapted to our iPhone perfectly. 


Why iMic?


1.MFi certification

As we all know MFi certification stands for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It’s an astringent program that producers of accessories for Apple devices must go through to have their hardware approved. When a product is MFi-certified, we can be sure it’s safe to use. There are over 1.5 billion active Apple devices worldwide, Foneric joined the Apple FMi program in 2016 to make PALOVUE a famous brand well known for its amazing quality among Apple users. iMic can be connected to any iOS device directly without the need for any additional adapters or connection kits, safe and convenient.


2.Multiple features

*Noise Cancelling & CLEAR AUDIO*
Low-distortion digital microphone with A2M and DSP dual chips, effectively helps reduce noise; Twin cardioid and Omni mic capsules capture crystal clear sound in front of the capsule while reducing unwanted pick-up from the sides all directions when you clip it right.
All-metal microphone body, High-quality zip carry case, Flexible adjustment to the ideal position (Tilt, flip, and rotate the microphone up to 90°), can watch the screen and record and charge at the same time, look it as a mini size high-end voice amplifier for you to recording whenever and wherever.
Integrated 3.5mm headphone output for audio monitoring and playback for professional audio and video capture; Lightning adapter for charging your iPhone/iPad/iPod while using iMic recording.
PALOVUE official powerful APP customizes the performance and set-up of the microphone (Free download directly from the Apple APP Store). Five presets (speech, sing, sound, Original instrument, and acoustic instrument) make it easy to use for any demanding situations.


3.Strict Quality Control

iMic went through strict quality testings at the Foneric facility before getting ready for sale. This includes a frequency sweep test, visual inspection, as well as a self-noise test to ensure every circuit performs within specifications. Built to last with durability and reliability.


4.Cost effective choice

There are a lot of options when we try to select a  mini microphone for iPhone, from $20 to $200 or more. You may hear about Shure MV88, a condenser microphone with good comments but starts at $125.00 on Amazon. iMic is much better, not only the real-time listening feature which makes us monitor recording with wired headphones, but also the thoughtful connection design makes you use it without taking off the iPhone case. More important is iMic only needs $99.99! Not to mention the coupons and giveaways from PALOVUE official.




Quarantine time could be quite boring but we can make a difference right now. With iMic, the recording to the next level on iPhone for vloggers, filmmakers, music makers and journalists. With iMic the new generations can express themself better in their own ways, no matter being a TikTok star, YouTuber, or vlogger. With iMic everyone can have some fun through singing, practicing an instrument, or simply making family videos to create good memories.

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