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How to make a better conference call? All the informations you need for iConf!

No one will doubt that the past year brought a lot of changes to our life, like working from home or different offices. At this moment the need to communicate clearly with our teams is more important than ever. How to make a better conference call? How to be professional even at home? All you need is iConf, a superb conference speaker with advanced technology, a highly-regarded conference phone you can't miss, whatever size or style of business you operate.



Part 1: Key Features & High Lights


  • 360° omnidirectional pick up voice

Dual capsule microphones offer full 360° coverage for small or middle conference rooms (UP TO 10-15ft, recommend 6.5ft for best sound quality)

Omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds from every angle to make sure everyone can be heard clearly.


  • Full duplex pickup & DSP technology

Both parties can communicate at the smae time, hig-definition voice allows realistic talks without difficulty. No echos or distortions even at a high volume.


  • Noise cancellation

Qualcomm CSR 3008 & CVC 8.0 techonoly enhances voice pickup with real-time echo cancellation and noise suppression to make the call quality beteter and minimize background noise, no mattter in the office or outdoors.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 & High compatibility

Simultaneous transmission between both parties can be easily connected to devices without drooping. iConf is compatible with most popular operation systems and Apps. 

For example: Win & Mac OS, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Teams.


  • Multi connection for multiple situations

Up to 1 USB and 2 bluetooth devices at the same time, iConf can easily dial and turn any room into a conference room from anywhere. (The USB cable can be used for charging or directly connected to computers without connecting Bluetooth).

For example: Remote meetings, family face calls at home, online education or free olinecourses, academic speech, and moving office on a car.

Instant setup without downloading softwares.




Part 2: Product Specification

iConf user manual picture 1: tech spec




Part 3: User Guide


  • How to connect

    Laptop :

    Plug iConf into a USB port on your PC. You may need to set the iConf as the default playback device in your operating system's audio settings.


iConf user manual picture 2: laptop connection       iConf user manual picture 3: desk PC connection

    Desktop PC:

    If the host of the computer you are using has USB ports on the front and back, Please Note: we suggested you turn on the power button first and then insert the iConf USB into the port on the back of the computer. 


    If it cannot be used normally when connecting to the computer with USB for the first time, please plug and unplug the USB again.


iConf user manual picture 4: smartphone connection

    Connect to smartphone

    Hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds and follow the voice-guided instructions to pair to your smartphone. The Bluetooth range is 10m. To disconnect or reconnect, hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to disconnect, short press the Bluetooth button once to reconnect.


    In pairing mode, it will automatically shut down if it is not paired with any phone within 10 minutes.



  • How to charge

    USB charging

    Plug the iConf into a USB power source using the attached USB cable. The iConf battery lasts for up to 15 hours of talk time and takes approx. 3 hours to fully charge.


    Automatic power off

    To preserve battery while unplugged, the PALOVUE iConf will automatically power off when it has not been connected to a bluetooth device for 10 minutes. If connected to a bluetooth device and unplugged, it will automatically power off after 8 hours.


    Check the Battery

    To view the current battery status, press the Battery status button. The LEDs around the edge of the iConf will light up to indicate the current battery status.


iConf user manual picture 5: battery check  





  • How to use
iConf user manual picture 6: buttons and founctions

     Typical use & LED Status Indicator
     In the power-on state, press the power button to play music, and press it again to pause the playback.

iConf user manual picture 6: buttons and founctions-- typical use
 iConf user manual picture 6: buttons and founctions-- LED indicators

      Factory reset

      Long press the "Mute+V-" key combination and the pink indicator lights will all light up. This will clear all previous pairing information (RESET)

iConf user manual picture 6: buttons and founctions-- factory reset



  • How to care for your PALOVUE iConf device
     The PALOVUE iConf is for indoor use only.    
     Avoid storage at extreme temperatures (above 65°C/149°F or below -40°C/-40°F).
     Do not expose the PALOVUE iConf to rain or other liquids.
     Do not cover the PALOVUE iConf with stickers or labels.
     Please use a standard USB charger that meets the specifications to charge the device.
Part 4: Great Customer Service
A lot of people may worry about the customer service or warranty when they shopping at

No need to worry about that anymore, here we offer 12 months to 24 months warranty and free replacement. If you have any questions about product or services please feel free to contact or, emails will be replied to within 24 hours.You can a start a conference call on iPhone or any smart device from anywhere at anytime!
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