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How to set iSound? Here is the full guide for you!

Music is what we all passionate about, the best true wireless earbuds bring an air of untethered joy to the music listening experience, no matter purely for pleasure, or to keep focused when a workout. From the first AirPods which started this wireless revolution to the AirPods Pro, if you have had a look on on those earbuds on market, you will find that many offer water resistance, active noise canceling, and more features to make for a more comfortable fit, let alone the battery life of the newest true wireless earbuds just gets longer and longer.

It's a competitive space too, with true wireless earbuds from all sorts of companies hitting the market in recent years. That means there are plenty to pick from, whether your budget is $20, or are happy to spend over $200 hundred to get the best of the best.

Under the endless pursuit of better sound, PALOVUE announced iSound, which will always be a good option. If you have bought one pair, here is the full guide for you.




Part 1: Product Overview


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Part 2: Pairing

To pair to a bluetooth audio device,please check the following.

1. Start with the iSound TWS inside the charging case with the lid closed.     

2. Open the charging case, press and hold the case button until the charging case LED blinks blue and green. The TWS LED will also blink green at the same time. 

3. On your Bluetooth audio device, go to Bluetooth settings and select "PALOVUE iSound". Once connected, the TWS LED will turn off. 

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Part 3: Charging ( TWS & Case)

  • The PALOVUE iSound TWS is capable of 5 hours of playback when fully charged. The cahrging case gives you 4 additional recharge cycles or 20 hours additional palyback*
  • The TWS will start charging once they are placed into the charging case and the lid  closed. The charging case LED will indicate the charging stutus. ( Solid red light on case means charging, Solid green light on case means fully charged)
  • Quick-charge feature: A 15-minute-charge will provide you up to 1 hour of palyback*.  A full charge of the earbuds can take up to 2 hours when charging from a discharged state.
  • Close the lid and attach the USB-C charging cable to the charging case.
  • The case LED will indicate the charging status.( LED is solid red = chargng, LED is solid green = fully charged)





With the PALOVUE TWS APP you can:

  • Customize the sound profile of your iSound earbuds.
  • Updates your earbuds when new features and improvements are available.




Part 5: Tech Specifications & Tap Controls

iSound- how to - guid picture 5


iSound- how to - guid picture 6





Part 6: Troubleshooting

Soft reset:

If your iSound TWS earbuds are not responding or connecting intermittently, put them into the charging case, close the lid for at least 5 seconds and plug the case into charge. This will turn the TWS off and perform a soft reset.


Factory reset:

If that does not resole the issue, we recommend resetting the TWS to their original factory settings. Before starting this provess please "FORGOT" or "REMOVE" your PALOVE iSound device from the Bluetooth menu on all your connected audio devices.

  • Place both TWS in the charging case and close the lid.
  • Open the charging case, press & hold the case button until the case LED starts blinking green. ( about 8 - 12 seconds)
  • Release the button, close the case and wait 5 seconds.
  • The iSound TWS has been reset and is ready to pair.



Want more inforamtion?

Product Page  |  FAQ  |  Review Video






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