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Wired earphones or TWS earbuds? What's the difference?

Wired earphones or TWS earbuds? What's the difference?

You might be torn between buying a wired earphones or TWS earbuds. Well, this has been an ongoing debate for a while without any signs of ending anytime soon. Let’s be realistic! Choosing between wired earphones and TWS earbuds can be difficult. Lifestyle is one of the significant determinants of the kind of earphones you will buy. For example, someone streaming music on their computer will likely select the wired earphones. On the other hand, people who want to listen to music during workouts will probably go for the TWS earbuds. There are also other factors to consider like price, work, comfort, and quality.

Both TWS earbuds and wired earphones are compatible with a range of devices. TWS earbuds connect to devices via Bluetooth, while the wired earphones connect with devices via a 3.5mm jack.

Before we discuss some of the pros and cons of both wired earphones and TWS earbuds, let's look at lifestyles most suitable for either the wired earphones or TWS earbuds.

Best lifestyle for wired earphones.

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Desk Jockeys: Wired earphones are best for people who work at a desk for a long time. For example, wired earphones are perfect for office workers who want to listen to music via their computer or phone.

Transcribers: Wired earphones are ideal for people in a transcribing career. Wired earphones have the best sound quality hence making it easier for the transcribers.

Travelers: An excellent wired earphone is ideal for travelers. With wired earphones, the traveler will not worry about charging the battery.

The best lifestyle for TWS earphones

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Athletes:  Are you tired of getting tangled during your workouts? Well, TWS earbuds are the best solution for you. You can perform any activity from lifting weights to running on a treadmill while listening to your favorite music, thanks to TWS earbuds.

Gamers: Thanks to TWS earbuds, gamers can become part of their action in any video game. With wireless earphones, the gamer doesn't need to be so close to the TV.

Pros of Wired Earphones

  • Terrific sound
  • No batteries required
  • Simple to use: Plug your earphones into the audio jack, and you are good to go.

Cons of Wired Earphones

  • Theentangling wires are a nuisance
  • They keep you tethered to your device


Pros of TWS earbuds

  • Increased convenience with not having to deal with long wires/cables
  • You can move around freely without worrying about yanking the audio jack out of its socket
  • Bluetooth compatibility: You can connect with any device that is Bluetooth enabled effortlessly.

Cons of TWS earbuds

  • Audio quality: TWS earbuds have inferior sound quality as compared to wired earphones.  
  • Battery life:  TWS earbuds are constrained by battery life, which varies depending on the quality. With wired earphones, battery life is not an issue. Additionally, some airports do not allow TWS earbud charge case on board.
  • Price: TWS earbuds are more expensive than wired earphones, but this depends on the earphone's quality
  • Delay: TWS earbuds might delay to respond
  • Adaptation issues: At times, TWS earbuds exhibit adaptation problems. For example, the way they adapt Android phones is not always the way they adapt to iPhones.
  • It is difficult to find TWS earbuds when you lose them.

Why it’s important to have a wired earphone for backup?

While it is true that TWS earbuds offer more convenience, they do not offer the quality of sound that wired earphones offer, especially when they are low on charge. Therefore, it is good to have a backup pair of wired earphones like the ones on offer at Other scenarios in which a backup pair of wired earphones will come in handy include those times when you need to listen to media over long periods, and when you are travelling through airports that do not allow you to board the plane with the charge case. offers a wide range of wired earphones that suit different lifestyles. Be sure to check them out.    




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